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Wheel Alignment

Most advanced alignment systems shops can buy. It’s so fast and easy, technicians can go from set-up to readings in less than 2 minutes – 70% faster than conventional alignment methods. This complete measurement system is loaded with our Premium Pro 32 software package that will make alignments the most productive service in any high-volume shop.

The easy-to-use operator interface walks the user through advanced measurements including front Caster Trail*, Scrub Radius*, SAI and Included Angle measurements. Our patented VODI™ Graphic Display is used with High-Definition (HD) cameras to provide visual and directional assistance to the technician during the alignment measuring procedure.

Rolling Radius measurements detect tire diameter differences and prevent damage to vehicles with all-wheel drive and ABS. The geoliner 680 also includes Vehicle Dimensioning Plus, a patented feature that uses 3-Dimensional modeling to measure front and rear setbacks, track widths and cross-diagonals. This time-saving software will alert the technician when possible frame or unibody damage may exist and require corrections before a proper alignment can be performed.

Apollo Zone

Apollo Tyres Ltd is a high-performance company and the leading Indian tyre manufacturer. Head quartered in Gurgaon, a corporate-hub in the National Capital Region of India, Apollo is a young, ambitious and dynamic organisation...

Michelin Priority Partner

Michelin came to India almost a decade ago and today markets its range of tubeless car radial , tubeless and tube type bus and truck radial tyres. These tyres produced for the Indian market contain the best Michelin technology and have carved...

JK Steel Wheels

JK Tyre believes in bringing the best in products and services to its valued customers. With the objective of meeting customer needs JK Tyre has established a nation wide chain of franchised retail outlets branded as ‘JK Tyre Steel Wheels’...

Continental Premium Drive

Global tyres is a one stop shop for all your car accessories. We offer interior products like seat cover, exterior protection, performance improvement products, central lock and many more. Global Tyres offers the full range of accessories for your vehicle.