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9 Driving Tips to Stay Safe in Wet Weather

Wet weather can affect us all: from snow and ice up north, tropical storms in the south or even a surprise rainstorm in a particularly dry or heavily travelled area – all can create havoc when trying to drive. Driving Tips Even with the reduced visibility and traction that comes with wet-weather driving, however, many […]

These 9 Breathtaking Places In Kerala Come Alive During Monsoons

1. Ashtamudi lake Ashtamudi lake, called so because of its 8 arms or channels, famous for its lovely homestays and houseboats is one of the most pristine places to visit in Kerala during monsoons. Sit by the banks under coconut, eat fresh catch and pamper yourself with soothing Ayurvedic massages. Nearest railway station: Kollam Junction, […]

How To Clean Wheels & Tires Like A Pro

How To Clean Wheels And Tires Is Brake Dust Making Your Wheels An Eyesore? Caked on brake dust before & after. Brake dust is a pain for anyone who drives and wants to keep their wheels clean and shiny. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil of being able to stop your car. Luckily there are things […]

How to check your tyre tread
Silent Valley National Park – Weekenddrive – Global Tyres

Silent Valley National Park is a national park with a core zone of 236.74 square kilometres (91 sq mi) (making it the largest national park in Kerala). It is located in the Nilgiri Hills, within the Palakkad District of Kerala, South India. This region was explored in 1847 by the botanist Robert Wight, This park […]

Guide to changing a tyre

Punctures are the second most common cause of breakdowns Each year we track the most common vehicle break down causes our break down recovery Patrols respond to and more often than not it’s the simple vehicle faults that are stopping motorists in their tracks. Following flat batteries, punctures are the second most common cause of […]

5 Critical Car Tyre Maintenance Tips

Keeping your tyres in good condition is an essential aspect of car maintenance, and it is both illegal and dangerous to drive with non-roadworthy tyres. There are a number of things you need to consider with respect to tyre maintenance. This article takes a look at five critical car tyre maintenance tips so you can […]

4WD tips and tricks – Tyre Pressures

When four wheel driving, changing the tyre pressure is one of the best 4wd tips and tricks you’ll learn. It is the most effective ways of changing the performance of your 4wd in almost all off-road situations. The only point of contact between your 4wd and the earth is its tyres. So it makes sense […]

Repairing Alloy Wheels: Tips and Techniques

Alloy wheels are a great way to improve the look and performance of your vehicle. However, it can be disappointing if they are damaged due to oxidation, scuffs or get bent. Fortunately, most damage to alloy wheels can be easily repaired.   How to Remove Oxidation   Alloy wheels are made with aluminum and, although […]

Lamborghini to launch Huracan Spyder on May 5

We will be seeing one more exotic on the roads soon. Automobili Lamborghini India has confirmed the launch of the Huracan Spyder for May 5, alongside the supercar, the Italian automaker will also inaugurate its new showroom in Mumbai. The topless Huracan gets an electrohydraulic fabric roof that can do the open/close routine in 17 […]

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